I’m Vitor Hugo, UI designer and developer from Brazil

I started to design UI for fun in 2004 and in 2006 I started to work with design and development ― never stopped since.

Now, I design and develop UI for bloggers and brands.


Graduated in Graphic Design by Leonardo da Vinci University Centre (UNIASSELVI).

In 2015, I concluded Digital Marketing Postgraduate Program by the Regional University Foundation of Blumenau (FURB).


I’m currently a kind of “deseloper“, a mix between designer and developer.

Also, I work as lead designer of a small team at Morphy in Blumenau / SC ― Brazil’s south.

What motivates me

I like to work with interesting products and specially people passionate about what they sell and do. That’s one reason why I love to work with bloggers, the love what they do and accept new ideas with enthusiasm and dedication.

I learned to code to make my designs and personal projects “come to life”. See something that “popped into my head” running on the screen always gave me energy to learn more and make it better.

Invitation for you

If you’re interested in my work you can e-mail me or follow me on Dribbble.